Saturday, October 13, 2012

That Voice

Whenever I edit someone else's writing I listen for the voice within the piece.  I'm careful that any changes I make don't sound like me. I remember a few years ago a friend had talked with another friend; she then said; "Rhonda you are spending entirely too much time together!  You sound alike!  I thought I was talking to you!"  At the time I laughed, but the Lord had been trying to get the same point across to me and I hadn't been listening.  I spent a lot of time with that person and I did sound like her.  I had to step back and restore my voice; which was a process.

Remembering this prompts me to wonder;  "Do I let the Word made flesh, Jesus, speak in His voice or edit it to sound like my own?"  Jesus said: "My sheep shall know my voice."  At Mt. Sinai the people were given the choice to go up and hear God's voice, they chose not too and wanted Moses to listen for them.  Do I choose to have ears to hear?  Or do I want others to listen for me?  Am I abiding so that I know the nuances of His voice?

I soooooooo desire to hear the voice of creation!  What words did He ponder on, then chose to create dirt?  I imagine a math equation of words that formed the dust of the earth.  It was important to get dirt just right because after all it's what formed man in God's image. When the breath entered in how long did it take to activate the eardrum?  What were the first words heard? 
I wonder such things because I want to know that I know it's His voice when speaking.  I train my ears to listen because He's not just my Savior, Lord, God and King but my Friend.  I want to hear when there's something He wants to talk about.  When the still small voice that directs, encourages, corrects, and just wants to chat calls my name; I want to make sure I hear that voice.


  1. Ah...your picture and writing are rich and fertile! Thank you, Rhonda for sharing the sweet aroma of hearing His Voice!

  2. oh my, Rhonda it makes my heart pitter patter when you ask such lovely questions to ponder on. I now will make my way to my Jesus chair and listen for HIS voice to speak to my heart..