Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Free Will

Free will. Why is it so important? Theologians have debated its intent and meaning. I believe its that part of me that's created in His image. I wrestle consistently with manifesting the fruit of the Spirit or the desires of the flesh. At times I enter Gethsamane to pray, "Not my will but yours oh Lord." Then I stand at the foot of the cross to hear Him tell me "It is finished." I find peace knowing that as I exercise free will, and not just make a choice, I will hear His voice say "This is the way walk in it." Free will becomes freedom to Know him and make Him known. It's a mystery so simple yet hard to do. Because I must die to self, overcome my weaknesses, change my ways and transform into the image of Christ. Yet through the blood He has made all things possible. Today I choose whom I will serve, the Spirit not the flesh! Thank-you Lord for creating me in your image!

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  1. "I believe its that part of me that's created in His image."

    I believe this, too, and I love it. You wrote about the aspect of God that most reveals His love to me. -K