Monday, March 19, 2012

His Testimony

I don't want to be as the rich young man who did not want to consider his ways and turn his feet to God's testimonies. What was he so afraid of that he couldn't bring himself to consider it? Give up all he owned and follow Christ; although that is a lot to ask of someone. And wasn't it quite presumptuous on God's part to ask Abraham to give up Isaac? Why in heaven's name would He do that! I think of the things I've given up because He asked, not always willingly either. I'd have to go to the garden of Gethsemane and pray with intense agony; Not my will but yours Lord. I'd wrestle with bitterness, that can defile many, as I struggle to let go of what I perceived to be a great sacrifice on my part. In the process I start comparing myself to others who weren't required to make such a sacrifice. Falsely comforting myself with how unfair it was, basically wallowing in self-pity, which does not satisfy a broken soul. Ultimately, I make the choice to be as Abraham knowing that obedience is better than the sacrifice. I begin to consider my ways, turn my feet to His testimonies (Ps 119:24). I exercise free will to not turn my feet towards my testimony. The rich young man turned and walked in the way he'd come to Christ, but not in the way of following Christ. Abraham became God's testimony through obedience and God supplied the needed sacrifice of the ram. Knowing that Jesus is the sacrifice, I consider all I must sell and turn my feet to follow Him. As a result I come to know what it means to be as a bird of the air and lily of the field that He so lovingly cares and supplies all needs according to riches in glory. I am the delight of His testimony, I have considered my ways!

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  1. "I am the delight of his testimony."

    What a beauty-filled picture. I love that!