Friday, March 9, 2012

My Delight

Ahhh! I so enjoy a warm fuzzy! Sinking into a warm bath on a cold winter day. Biting into a sweet piece of chocolate. For some, it's wrapping fingers around a mug of fresh brewed coffee savoring the first sip. Then there's watching a sunrise bathe snow-capped mountains in pink or a glorious orange hued sunset. They delight the soul and make one feel better in the moment. I wonder if these count as the desires of my heart the Lord gives me because I have delighted in Him. Probably, yet there must be other things I know not of.

How about 'His testimonies are my delight, they are the men of my counsel. (Ps 119:16)' Wow, can it be that simple if I want godly counsel, delight in His testimonies!" As I take 'Great delight in my beloved's shade, his fruit is sweet to my taste. (Song 2:3)' Really, something sweeter than chocolate! He will make me ride on the heights on the earth as I delight in Him (Is 58:14). I could ride on a sunrise; besides I look good in pink. 'His consolations delight my soul when my anxious thoughts are many (Ps 94:19)' I would like to bathe my cold anxious thoughts in warm consolation!

I must ask myself "Have I given my heart to Him and let my eyes delight in His ways?" (Prv 23:26) "Is my delight the law of the Lord?" (Ps 1:2) Do I "call the sabbath a delight?" (Is 58:13) My answer is a resounding YES! As a result He "delights in (my) loyalty rather than sacrifice" and His greatest delight "is (our) unchanging love!" (Hos 6:6; Mic 7:18). This is the ultimate warm fuzzy to know that I know that I know the Lord that is the desire of my heart and my delight.

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