Monday, May 28, 2012


Heaven awaits!  Jesus greets me with a smile that rivals a glorious sunrise.  I humbly fall to my knees in awe of what He's done for me.  His outstretched hand clasps mine; He raises me up and with a kiss on the cheek says, "Rhonda meet your Father!"  I gaze into the sapphire eyes of the great I AM.  He draws me in, cupping my face in His hands as He kisses my forehead.  Strong arms envelope me; my heart melts as tears of joy flow down my cheeks.  I am Home!  He is the mansion prepared!  Time no longer exists as I spend an eternity knowing the heart of the father as He knows mine.  Curiosity is sparked for I know the mysteries of creation hidden within a gentle hug.  Words remain elusive yet everything is said.  I pull back and His smile, oh the light that emanates from His smile, soothes the scars on my wounded soul.  The cool warmth of His touch restores my image to its sin free state.  My fearfully and wonderfully made spirit soars throughout the heavenlies.  Finally! I and the father are one. 

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  1. Ohhhh...!

    We just have no idea what is in store for us!